Comparative politics, international relations, social movements, political violence and conflict, Latin American politics, qualitative and quantitative methods.


At the Department of Political Science at Johns Hopkins I teach:

  • Introduction to Civic Life (Undergraduate, Fall 2023)
  • Research in Writing (Graduate, Fall 2023)
  • Political Violence (Undergraduate/Graduate, Spring 2022)
  • Nonviolent Resistance in World Politics (Undergraduate, Fall 2021)

I have served as teaching fellow for undergraduate courses in comparative politics, economics, Latin American politics, and quantitative methods:

  • Ethics, Politics, and Economics Senior Essay (Yale,¬†Spring 2018, with Professor Frances Rosenbluth)
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (Yale, Fall 2016, with Professor Adria Lawrence)
  • Violence and Civil Strife (Yale, Spring 2015, with Professor Stathis Kalyvas)
  • Debating Globalization (Yale, Fall 2014, with Dr. Ernesto Zedillo)
  • Economic Development in Latin America (Yale, Spring 2014, with Dr. Ernesto Zedillo)
  • Quantitative Methods for International Politics (Georgetown, Spring 2011, with Professor Daniel Sabet)

Teaching evaluations and syllabi available upon request